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Basic Bibite

Figure.1 - A Bibite

Group of bibites

Figure.3 - A group of bibites with a wide FOV.

Bibites are the agents and main focal point of the simulation (a project started by Léo Caussan in 2016).

They are considered to be living entities as they posses the necessary qualities to fit into the description of life:

  • They use energy (that they get in the environment from various sources) to sustain themselves and their metabolism.
  • They execute actions and behaviors such as growth, movement, pheromone production, and much more.
  • They have the ability to reproduce by laying Eggs while also displaying random mutations, and thus subsequently displaying evolution and natural selection.
  • They posses a brain that can evolve in logic and topology (alongside their genetic code), which can eventually evolve to respond to their environment in an increasingly complex manner.
  • They have a set of Genes that can change over generations, with stats like Defence ,Strength and many more important genes.

Bibites are also multicellular in nature due to the presence of a certain virus gene that spreads itself through the cells of the Bibite, thus nullifying the claim that they are single-celled organisms.


Bibite field

Figure.3 - A group of Bibites of varying species frolicking in their native environment. Stripes of red pheromones can be seen, produced by the giant whale

It is theorized that they are a type of arthropod or microzoa, and can be compared to their real-life counterparts and inspiration; the Trilobite (extinct). however, more updates are needed in order to properly specify their place in the tree of life.

Bibites are considered as animals due to their organised and linear behavior, therefore they cannot be zooids.

There is currently no canon lore for their existence.


The term "Bibite" is a reference to a French Canadian (''Québécois'', which is the Project Creator's first language) word, which is used to refer to small insects or critters.